The Wellbeing Teacher

Support for struggling teenagers.

Here at Bewdley Wellbeing Services we know that preventing and fixing anxiety based dis-orders as soon as possible is a must!

If your teenager starts to struggle with mood disorders, anxiety symptoms, behavioural issues or learning difficulties we will work with you and their teachers (if required) to get to the bottom of any potential root cause.

We aim to improve their day to day life through training, coaching and if required therapy so that they will be able to continue their personal development and reach their full potential.

This service is intended as additional support to standard NHS referrals. Ideal if you are on a long waiting list to be seen.

  • CRB approved.
  • 30+ years experience of working with teenagers in a learning environment.
  • Able to work with additonal learning needs such as ADHD, Austism, Dyslexia, Disgraphia, Hypomobility, OCD etc

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