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Employee Assistance Programme

Here at Bewdley Wellbeing Services (BWS) we care if your employees are off sick. Whether you have 5 or 500 employees it matters not to us. We know that it costs your business greatly when good employees are unable to attend work or perform well due to poor mental health and we want to help you resolve this.

Perhaps you don’t have a large budget or a big enough demand to employ an on-going employee assistance programme, so let us do the work for you.

BWS is great for those short spell support needs when mental health concerns are preventing your employees returning to work or if they are struggling day to day. We are professionally trained to support return to work plans, deliver wellbeing training, life-style coaching or meet personal therapy requirements.

When poor mental health impacts work life many people struggle to be honest with employees because of fear. They worry that by opening-up about what may be going on in their personal life this could impact their career. This is where having an independent confidential service that can check the validity of the employee's mental health and someone working as a mediator between you and your employees, will be of great benefit to both your business operations and their personal health.

We will assess the severity of the issues and make bespoke recommendations according to your budget for on-going counselling, coaching or therapy. For those employees who are still at work we can run group emotional first aid sessions.

We will deliver management training for how to conduct effective return to work interviews, performance management training (particularly where health and wellbeing are a concern) as well as offer general performance management strategy sessions and workshops to improve your management skills.

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