About Bewdley Wellbeing Services (BWS)

Wellbeing, workshops, training events and coaching services

BWS is a training, coaching and therapy service serving the beautiful Georgian town of Bewdley in Worcestershire and the surrounding area. The purpose and aim of the service is to give both adults and children a place to get help with all sorts of physical and non-physical issues connected to wellbeing.

BWS is perfect for those who are struggling with such things as - anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or are experiencing problems such as – stress, burn out or on-going physical or emotional pain.

BWS is also great for those who have trouble controlling certain behaviours that effect their - Weight, Sleep or Gut Health as well as those that need help to process the effects and symptoms of impactful change – e.g., Menopause, Career or Relationships.

BWS is perfect for those that wish to create more joy and fulfilment and most definitely are ready to make improvements in their life.

The services on offer are a collection of educational and learning opportunities through workshops and trainings. They provide coaching and when necessary, therapy either on a one-to-one basis or part of a group. BWS will give practical help that is intended to improve wellbeing, release past trauma, and allow natural healing to take place.

We also work with businesses who require Employee Assistance Programmes. Find out more about our EAP services here.

We are CRB approved to work with Teenagers either onsite at school or in person at our offices on the Stourport Road, Kidderminster. To understand more about the work we do vist The Wellbeing Teacher page.

BWS is run by qualified practitioners in a variety of specialisms and is not intended to substitute or replace medical advice. All services are intended for personal education and practical help for the benefit of improved wellbeing. 

email - contact@bewdleywellbeing.co.uk for more info

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